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Helen Hunt Jackson College Prep High School & Family Tree Learning Center

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Accelerated Core Education

A  C  A  D  E  M  Y



 (ACE Academy is an online program under Helen Hunt Jackson College Prep High School)

     ACE is a seat based online program that uses Edgenuity, and A+ Learning curriculums. It’s not like the current programs available at your traditional high school. We provides a calm, stress-free environment where you can:

  • Make up credits or get ahead
  • Work at your own pace
  • Attend school only 3 hours each day
  • Have no homework (however, working from home to catch up on credits is always encouraged)  
  • Obtain individual help from teachers
  • Focus on one or two classes at a time
    The ACE program offers students a unique learning environment which enables them to excel at their individual pace. The one-on-one help of teachers provides an alternative to a traditional high school class, and in turn generates a calm and productive learning environment.